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What awaits you in Elfscape: Ancestors?

Jumping through tightly designed levels and overcoming sophisticated obstacles, while  slowly discovering the beautiful hand drawn world around you. The game’s story is composed of 30 levels divided into 6 different environments, each with unique graphics style. The Guardian’s journey – your journey – will not be easy and you might die a lot. But that’s the rough underground life.

Story of the Guardian

The Guardian has been asleep for a long time, resting in the Temple, waiting for the Chosen One’s arrival.  Now the time has come to wake up, the time to fulfill the prophecy. But the Chosen One is nowhere in sight. What is happening?



Temple of the Chosen One​

Your life energy is growing weaker by the moment and it can only be replenished in the presence of the Chosen One. You better find him quickly. The Temple’s worshippers are of no help, they cannot understand your language. You will have to help yourself!


Two adventures in one

During your explorations, you’ll occasionally encounter a broken statue of the Dog god. You can decide to help this god and repair it’s statues by collecting the statue heads and bringing them to its bodies. For each repaired statue you will get a comics page. These pages tell the story of two worshippers, Jachan and Agol, on their adventures outside the safety of temple.

Komiks - Chomp

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